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UK Education System united kingdom

   the education system within the United Kingdom is split into four main elements, primary education, pedagogy, additional education and better education. kids within the United Kingdom ought to wrongfully attend primary and pedagogy that runs from concerning five years recent till the coed is sixteen years old.

   The education system within the United Kingdom is additionally split into "key stages" that breaks down as follows:

Key Stage 1: five to seven years recent
Key Stage 2: seven to eleven years recent
Key Stage 3: eleven to fourteen years recent
Key Stage 4: fourteen to sixteen years recent
   Generally key stages one and a pair of are going to be undertaken at school and at eleven years recent a student can move onto school and end key stages three and four.

   Students are assessed at the tip of every stage. the foremost necessary assessment happens at age sixteen once students pursue their GCSE's or General Certificate of pedagogy. Once students complete their GCSE's they need the selection to travel onto additional education so potential teaching, or end faculty and enter the operating world.

   Our summary of the education system within the United Kingdom is split into 5 main sections:

Primary Education
   Primary education begins within the United Kingdom at age five and continues till age eleven, comprising key stages one and 2 underneath the united kingdom instructional system. Please visit country Council page for additional info on primary education.

Secondary Education
   From age eleven to sixteen, students will enter school for key stages 3 and 4 and to begin their move towards taking the GCSE's - learn additional concerning pedagogy within the United Kingdom and what it'll involve. Primary and pedagogy is necessary within the UK; when age sixteen, education is nonobligatory.

Further Education
   Once a student finishes pedagogy they need the choice to increase into additional education to require their A-Levels, GNVQ's, BTEC's or alternative such qualifications. United Kingdom students about to visit school or university should complete additional education.

Higher Education
   Probably the foremost necessary field on this web site, this explains additional concerning the upper education system within the United Kingdom and the way it works for international students. Most international students can enter directly into the united kingdom teaching system, when finishing their home country’s love the UK’s “further education.”

Entry needs
   Each level of education within the United Kingdom has variable needs that should be glad so as to realize entry at that level - learn additional concerning the education entry requirements for the united kingdom.

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